Physio Team

Renae and Louise were keen to start a clinic that focused on a personalised service with highly trained staff and up to date treatment techniques. Our physiotherapists use manual “hands on” approaches to treatment and are all trained in dry needling. Our physios provide a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked for elite sporting teams including the Western Force and the WA State School AFL team. Apex Physiotherapy prides itself on friendly and approachable staff who look forward to hearing from you!




Renae Barrett – Principal Physiotherapist

Renae-Profile1Being a physiotherapist is far more than just a job to Renae, it is a chance to improve the lives of her patients by being able to allow them to return to doing what they love through comprehensive assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. Her passion and enthusiasm for physiotherapy and pilates shines through in everything she does, with her dedication to ensuring she gets to the cause of every problem and addresses all aspects of treatment and rehabilitation to ensure her patients to lead their best quality of life.

As a qualified Polestar Pilates teacher and Mentor, Renae is passionate about the rehabilitation component of physiotherapy, in order to provide a comprehensive, well- rounded approach to patient management and ensuring complete resolution of various patient presentations. As our Managing Partner, Renae takes great pride in the high quality care that our team provides and the success of Apex Physiotherapy is a testament to this.

Working from our Bicton clinic, Renae enjoys treating a wide range of musculoskeletal presentations including sports injuries and cervicogenic headaches and has a special interest in treatment of vestibular disorders including vertigo (BPPV). Outside of work, Renae enjoys getting outdoors and making the most of our beautiful state. She enjoys boating, fishing, keeping fit and long walks with her dog Bruce!

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Anna White – Women’s Health and Continence Physiotherapist

Anna-profileAnna is a titled Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist as awarded by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. She completed her Physiotherapy degree in 2010 and then successfully completed her Masters in Continence and Women’s Health through Curtin University. Anna is passionate about and experienced in managing conditions related to the pelvis such as bladder and bowel dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, pregnancy, post-natal and peri-menopausal phases of life as well as seeing men pre and post prostate surgery.

Conditions that can be treated include;

- pelvic organ prolapse
- urinary leakage / incontinence and bladder urgency
- pregnancy assessments and pregnancy pain
- post natal assessment for pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles with Real Time Ultrasound imaging
- treatment of episiotomy and caesarean scar tissue
- mastitis and blocked ducts
- painful intercourse
- vulvodynia (vaginal pain)
- pelvic pain including endometriosis
- bowel dysfunction and constipation

If you are having any of the above issues come and see our friendly Physiotherapist Anna! She loves being able to help people to enjoy all aspects of life. In her spare time Anna enjoys running, skiing and spending time with her friends and family.
Anna works at our Bicton Physio clinic.


Chris Chadwick – Physiotherapist

chris-profileHaving a love of the problem solving aspect of physiotherapy, Chris enjoys the more complex musculoskeletal injuries. He enjoys the direct effect physiotherapy has on improving people’s quality of life which Chris finds hugely rewarding and continues to drive him to keep learning. Chris strongly believes a mixture of ‘hands on’ manual therapy combined with exercise rehabilitation is very important and uses this in the clinic where possible. Having graduated from Curtin University with a degree in Physiotherapy, Chris has since worked in private practice treating musculoskeletal injuries. He has gained valuable experience through his ongoing treatment of spinal injuries including back and neck pain and has a keen interest in treating acute musculoskeletal conditions including the shoulder, hip and knee pain. He uses hands on treatment techniques to correct biomechanical issues and for pain relief.

He places a strong emphasis on restoring function and strength after an injury to ensure 100% recovery and to prevent re-injury. Whilst away from the practice you’ll find Chris playing cricket, riding his dirtbike and staying fit and healthy in the gym!
Chris works at our Canning Vale Physiotherapy clinic.


Lucien Hamilton – Physiotherapist

Lucien Hamilton-profileLucien prides himself on his ability to make a positive and long term difference in his patients’ lives using a holistic approach to management and taking into account the whole individual as well as distinct factors which influence their condition. Lucien grew up in Queenstown, New Zealand and spent most of his time there having a go at all of the adventure sports on offer. These pursuits lead to multiple injuries in his youth, for which he spent time under the care of Physiotherapists. Impressed and inspired by his experiences, Lucien was lead to pursue a career as a Physiotherapist motivated to helping all patients excel in their personal pursuits.

Lucien has a passion for people’s well-being and provides a variety of manual therapy techniques including dry needling, joint mobilisations and trigger point release along with rehabilitative exercises to help patients achieve their goals. Lucien has a personal experience with rehabilitation after having personally gone through nine months of rehabilitation for a dislocating shoulder. Lucien enjoys sharing his unique knowledge and experiences for maintaining strength and stability in the body with others to enable them to lead their best possible life.

Lucien obtained his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Otago University in New Zealand in 2008. He has since decided to chase the ocean and the wind and ended up here in Perth. Outside of treating patients at our Bicton practice, Lucien enjoys kite-boarding, yoga, scuba diving and spear fishing and spending time with his Mini Schnauzer, Ziggy!


Darcy Lubcke – Physiotherapist

Darcy-ProfileFrom a young age Darcy always enjoyed learning about the intricacies of the human body and how it functioned. Now as a Physiotherapist he gets to apply this knowledge on a daily basis to help get his patients back to completing their exercise goals. Darcy graduated with his Physiotherapy degree from Curtin University, WA. He has experience treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions including acute and chronic back and neck pain, peripheral joint, muscle and tendon injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation. Darcy also has experience in treating and rehabilitating a variety of sports injuries from his role as Sports Trainer for Trinity-Aquinas Amateur Football Club.

Darcy enjoys using a hands-on approach to relieve pain in combination with rehabilitation to have his patients back to completing whatever their passion in life is. Darcy has a special interest in treating acute hip, knee and ankle joint pain. Outside of Physiotherapy Darcy is a sporting tragic, playing amateur football in the West Australian Amateur Football League, watching any form of sport and generally keeping fit by going to the gym, cycling and running. Being from the country he also loves exploring the great outdoors, especially at the beach!
Darcy works at our Hamilton Hill Physiotherapy clinic..


Emily Hallett – Physiotherapist

emily-profileEmily has always been fascinated by the human body and the way in which it functions, which ultimately led her to study Physiotherapy. Graduating from Curtin University with a BSc in Physiotherapy has enabled Emily to help her patients overcome injuries and improve their quality of life. She has a passion for health and fitness and enjoys treating a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders, using evidence-based techniques to guide her treatment with the goal of making a real difference to the lives of her patients. Emily also believes that education is a powerful tool to help clients understand their diagnosis and achieve their goals.

Emily enjoys always keeping up to date with the latest evidence to ensure her clients are receiving the highest quality care. She loves to share the journey with her clients and uses a combination of manual therapy techniques including manipulation, dry needling and massage along with exercise-based rehabilitation to help them get back to their best and return to doing what they love.

Outside of the clinic, Emily can be found keeping fit at the gym, relaxing by the beach or spending time on her family farm. Emily works at our Bicton clinic.


Sheridan Panayotou – Physiotherapist

sheridan-profileSheridan loves physiotherapy not only for its rewarding nature of being able to support and provide others with the tools for their rehabilitation, but for the ability it gives her to meet and get to know her clients along the way.

Her passion for musculoskeletal physiotherapy began at an early age through her interest in her own health and fitness, completing half marathons and dealing with a number of her own injuries. This was only part of what drove her to complete her Physiotherapy degree at Curtin University.

Sheridan is a caring and compassionate person who will work alongside her clients in order to assist them in returning to what it is that they are passionate about. Additional to both acute and long standing injuries involving the spine, hip, knee and ankle, she also has a strong interest in muscular and tendinous injuries.

Involved in a number of sporting teams at an early age, Sheridan found a passion and excitement in being able to be involved from the sidelines. This included previously sports training for a range of football, netball and rugby teams, and for the past three years has been involved in Trinity Aquinas Amateur Football Club.

Outside of physiotherapy, Sheridan prioritises her own health and fitness, and enjoys keeping active through daily yoga and regular river runs. She has a love for music, and if she isn’t singing in her car then you will find her down at the beach whenever she gets the chance.