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Our Physio Team

Our highly trained Physiotherapists are passionate about working with you to achieve your personal goals.
We are committed to providing excellence in assessment and diagnosis with thorough, individualised and “hands on” treatment plans for the treatment and prevention of your injury.
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Renae Sajich – Physiotherapist

Renae ProfileBeing a physiotherapist is far more than just a job to Renae, it is a chance to improve the lives of her patients by being able to allow them to return to doing what they love through comprehensive assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. Her passion and enthusiasm for physiotherapy and pilates shines through in everything she does, with her dedication to ensuring she gets to the cause of every problem and addresses all aspects of treatment and rehabilitation to ensure her patients to lead their best quality of life.

As a qualified Polestar Pilates teacher and Mentor, Renae is passionate about the rehabilitation component of physiotherapy, in order to provide a comprehensive, well- rounded approach to patient management and ensuring complete resolution of various patient presentations. As our Managing Partner, Renae takes great pride in the high quality care that our team provides and the success of Apex Physiotherapy is a testament to this.

Working from our Bicton clinic, Renae enjoys treating a wide range of musculoskeletal presentations including sports injuries and cervicogenic headaches and has a special interest in treatment of vestibular disorders including vertigo (BPPV). Outside of work, Renae enjoys getting outdoors and making the most of our beautiful state.

David Andrin – Physiotherapist

David AndrinDave’s passion for physiotherapy developed in his early years of high school, after he required rehabilitation for his own sporting injuries and realised the impact it had on his recovery. He has always been interested in how complex the human body is and later discovered how physiotherapy was capable of tackling and treating these complexities.

Dave enjoys creating meaningful and collaborative therapeutic relationships with his clients. By getting to know you and your goals, Dave will be able to best apply his up-to-date knowledge and skills to help you return to the very best version of yourself. As an enthusiastic physiotherapist from Curtin University with experience in private practice and multiple sporting clubs, he is well equipped to get you back to where you’d like to be. He is especially interested in managing acute sporting injuries and low back pain.

Personally, Dave enjoys any outside summer activity and challenging his body in a number of ways. When the suns out, you’ll catch him walking on slacklines, playing soccer, rock climbing, practicing backflips or just spending some time in a gym doing strength and conditioning.

Dave consults from our Bicton clinic.

Rebecca Bell – Physiotherapist

Rebecca-BellBec is an enthusiastic Physiotherapist driven to help patients on their journey of reducing pain and improving their function to get back to what they love.

She became interested in understanding the body and movement from an early age when participating in Junior National Field Hockey Tournaments. Her curiosity led her to completing a double degree of Bachelor of Physiotherapy & Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle.

Bec is committed to providing patients’ individualised care using a hands-on approach and movement. Her treatment is based on working together and having a shared understanding of the patient’s goals. She continually participates in extracurricular evidence-based learning to continually update her knowledge to give patients the freedom of choosing the best treatment which suits their needs. She is passionate about musculoskeletal physiotherapy working with a wide range of ages and conditions. She has experience working with athletes as a Sports Trainer at East Fremantle Football Club and Wembley Amateur Football Club. She has also worked with numerous children from her experience as a Kid’s Parkour Coach and a Junior Field Hockey Talent Squad Coach.

You can often spot Bec outside of Apex Physiotherapy participating in gymnastics, rock-climbing and running with friends or going out on adventures trying new things.

Chris Chadwick – Physiotherapist

chris profileHaving a love of the problem solving aspect of physiotherapy, Chris enjoys the more complex musculoskeletal injuries. He enjoys the direct effect physiotherapy has on improving people’s quality of life which Chris finds hugely rewarding and continues to drive him to keep learning. Chris strongly believes a mixture of ‘hands on’ manual therapy combined with exercise rehabilitation is very important and uses this in the clinic where possible. Having graduated from Curtin University with a degree in Physiotherapy, Chris has since worked in private practice treating musculoskeletal injuries. He has gained valuable experience through his ongoing treatment of spinal injuries including back and neck pain and has a keen interest in treating acute musculoskeletal conditions including the shoulder, hip and knee pain. He uses hands on treatment techniques to correct biomechanical issues and for pain relief.

He places a strong emphasis on restoring function and strength after an injury to ensure 100% recovery and to prevent re-injury. Whilst away from the practice you’ll find Chris playing cricket, riding his dirtbike and staying fit and healthy in the gym!
Chris works at our Canning Vale Physiotherapy clinic.

Sheng Chui – Physiotherapist

Sheng Chui profileSheng is passionate about all things sport and rehabilitation. After graduating from Curtin University with a Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Sheng has worked with the geriatric population which has given him experience with complex medical conditions as he has worked to rehabilitate and maintain mobility in this population. He has also undergone dry needling training as part of his professional development.

Apart from his passion in Ultimate Frisbee, gym lifting and running, Sheng is also involved in sports training in AFL, soccer and rugby. He is currently the head trainer for Kenwick Football Club, which he takes pride in being able to provide advice in injury prevention and rehabilitation to all the athletes.

Sheng always strives to provide appropriate, evidence-based treatment with a friendly and professional attitude. Along with a comprehensive assessment and holistic management plan, Sheng aims to empower his clients with education about their condition/s and encourages his clients to have an active role in achieving their goals.

Outside of work, Sheng loves to play Ultimate Frisbee, volunteer his time to various sporting clubs, travel and read extensively.

Sheng consults from our Apex Physiotherapy Gosnells clinic.

Samantha Clarke – Physiotherapist

samantha-ProfileAfter completing her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Curtin University, Sam dove straight into musculoskeletal physiotherapy and has a range of experience in overuse injury, sports rehabilitation, cervicogenic headaches, and age-related aches and pains. She has also completed further training in Clinical Pilates, Dry Needling, and Women’s Health Through the Life Stages. Through the course of her work, Sam has discovered a passion for Women’s Health and has recently commenced her Masters in Pelvic Health and Continence.

Sam firmly believes in delivering person-centred care. Through her practice, she works to deliver the best possible outcomes by educating and empowering clients to be active participants in their own recovery and health management, whilst utilising a combination of manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation.

Sam also has a knowledge of specific health factors impacting gender diverse and queer communities and has a keen interest in ensuring a high-quality of care for all people.

When she is not working, Sam enjoys playing football, taking her kelpie on adventures, and spending time exploring the outdoors with her partner.

Kyle Freeman – Physiotherapist

Kyle-FreemanAs a sports fanatic, Kyle has always been interested in movement and how the body works. After playing a variety of sports and having some positive (and not so positive!) experiences with injury and rehabilitation, Kyle pursued a degree in Physiotherapy from The University of Notre Dame.

Kyle believes in combining hands on therapy with exercise to assist patients to avoid re-injury and achieve lasting results. Whether it is competition or maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle Kyle is eager to work with his patients to achieve their goals. Working from our Hamilton Hill clinic, Kyle enjoys treating a variety of musculoskeletal presentations including sports injuries and has a special interest in running related injuries.

Outside of work, you can find Kyle running along the coast or Swan river, cheering on the Dockers, or enjoying a delicious craft beer – life is all about balance!

Siobhan Lenihan – Physiotherapist

Siobhan Lenihan -ProfileSiobhan is a Physiotherapist who believes patient-centred care should be a Physiotherapist’s top priority. At the University of Notre Dame, Siobhan discovered her passion for Women’s and Pelvic health and the rehabilitation component of physiotherapy. She has completed further study in Women’s and Pelvic health through the Australian Physiotherapy Association and enjoys treating a wide range of musculoskeletal, women’s health and continence disorders, using evidence-based techniques to guide her treatment with the goal of making a real difference to the lives of her patients.

As a qualified Stott Pilates Instructor and having studied Exercise and Sport Science, Siobhan has a passion for helping her patients better understand how their bodies can move and heal through various forms of exercise and empowering them to take charge of their own health.

Siobhan believes we as Physiotherapists are there to listen, understand and to empower people to become better versions of themselves.

  • Siobhan is passionate about managing pelvic conditions such as:
  • Urinary leakage/ incontinence, bladder urgency and voiding (urinating) dysfunctions
  • Bowel dysfunction and constipation
  • Pregnancy assessments, pregnancy pain and preparation for labor advice
  • Postnatal assessment for pelvic floor and abdominal muscles with Real Time Ultrasound
  • Exercise rehabilitation during pregnancy and returning to exercise postnatally with pelvic floor, pilates, strength and mobility exercises

Using therapeutic ultrasound for treatment of:

  • Mastitis and blocked ducts
  • Swollen or painful perineum after delivery
  • Haemorrhoids
Barry Moore – Physiotherapist

Barry-ProfileBarry qualified in 2017 with an honour’s degree in Physiotherapy, from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, University of Medicine and Health Sciences. Since qualifying, Barry has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including orthopaedics, musculoskeletal, sports and rehabilitation.

Barry moved to Perth in 2020 to progress his physiotherapy career. He has a keen interest in strength and conditioning and has undergone much additional training to improve his skills in this area. Barry has experience working with a variety of different musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries across a wide age range and has a special interest in treating shoulder pain. Barry always takes a holistic approach to treatment and firmly believes that developing an understanding of how pain and injury is affecting a person is key to success. Barry uses this information to set clear and achievable goals, which are vital for achieving best outcomes for his patients.

Barry is passionate about promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle and as a physiotherapist is perfectly equipped to do this. Barry enjoys assisting people to get back to doing what they love through reducing pain and improving function. Barry achieves this through manual therapy and exercise, and ensuring the prevention of future injuries by improving a person’s resilience through lifelong exercise.

Outside of work, you’ll find Barry in the gym working on his own strength and conditioning or running and walking along Perth’s beautiful beaches

Khang Nguyen – Physiotherapist

Khang ProfileKhang completed his Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at Curtin University as the musculoskeletal system is something which he is passionate about and has always had a devoted interest in.
Khang is trained in massage, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation and exercise rehabilitation and strives to provide all his patients with high-quality care and is always looking to broaden his clinical skills with the latest up-to-date evidence.

Khang understands that every body is unique in its own way and will require a treatment program that is appropriate for them. He believes that aside from manual therapy and rehabilitation, a key component to treatment success is the clinician’s ability to communicate with their patient. Efficient communication ensures that each treatment is specifically tailored to the patient’s own level of physical activity, allowing them to perform to their peak functional demands.

Outside of physiotherapy, Khang is an avid practitioner in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has also been involved with other various martial arts for the past 10 years. Beyond his clinical and training life, he also has interests in photography, the Japanese art of bonsai, travelling and spending quality time with friends and family.
Khang is the full-time Physiotherapist at our Wattle Grove clinic.

Jared Tang – Physiotherapist

Jared Tang ProfileJared completed his Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at Curtin University.
An avid sportsperson, Jared has experienced many injuries himself and understands the mental and physical frustrations of it. As such, he has developed a strong passion to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Jared has a keen interest in treating lower back pain, lower limb and sporting injuries. He believes in addressing the underlying problems by adopting a holistic, goal-orientated approach to optimise his clients’ longevity in sports and ultimately live life to its fullest. Jared draws from experience gained from working as a sports trainer with local sporting clubs and he is currently the head Physiotherapist for the Curtin University Rugby Club. Jared also supplements his holistic treatment with experience working with neurological conditions and disabilities under the NDIS.

Outside of work, you can find Jared doing Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, weightlifting in the gym, or spending time with family and friends over a meal.