Conditions: Hip Pain & Bursitis

Pain originating from the hip and its surrounding structures is generally felt in the groin, however pain can also refer into the buttock, outer thigh, inner knee and even the lower shin! Associated symptoms may include stiffness, catching or popping, pain sitting cross-legged or laying on your side in bed.

Osteoarthritis of the hip commonly presents as pain and stiffness in the groin, with pain often radiating to the inner or outer thigh or inner knee. Pain is generally worse with increased activity and may ache at rest.

Bursitis of the hip often presents along with gluteal tendinopathy and more commonly presents as pain over the outside or ‘bony’ part of the hip, more commonly in females than males. Patients will generally report pain worsened by lying on that side, sitting with their legs crossed or walking upstairs or uphill.

A detailed and thorough assessment can provide the information required to form a diagnosis and treatment plan for your hip pain.

Treatment may include joint mobilisations to improve mobility, soft tissue massage, dry needling and trigger points therapy to reduce muscle tightness and a specific rehabilitation and exercise program to address muscle weakness and imbalance contributing to your pain.

hip pain and bursitis