Conditions: Arthritis & Joint Pain

How do we treat arthritis?

As arthritis is a degenerative disease, treatment aims to increase flexibility and strength to reduce pain and restore normal function of the affected area. Recent research has shown that physiotherapy treatment of joint mobilisation techniques and appropriate exercise prescription are effective ways of reducing pain and improving movement in joints with arthritis. The main thing to focus on is staying active; this is where physiotherapy management is vital. The prescription of strength and mobility exercises from your Apex physiotherapist will help to prevent joint stiffness and weakness and avoid further deterioration and AVOID SURGERY.
In extreme cases of arthritis surgical intervention may be required.

Why Choose Apex Physiotherapy

Before surgery: Physiotherapists prepare your joint and its surrounding muscles for the surgery. Improving the strength and flexibility of specific muscles before surgery will ensure you have a faster recovery. At Apex Physiotherapy we work with you to develop an individualised pre-operative exercise program that fits in with your lifestyle to ensure you have the best outcomes following surgery.

After Surgery: Physiotherapy treatment is required from 1 day post-operation. Post-operative treatment aims include;

  • Reduce joint pain and inflammation
  • Restore knee joint range of motion
  • Strengthen surrounding muscles
  • Improve agility and balance
  • Individualised exercises to get you back to full function and minimise future injury