Women’s Health & Continence

Although this can be an embarrassing topic for many, continence issues are extremely common especially during and after pregnancy and menopause.

At Apex Physiotherapy we offer non-invasive real time ultrasound imaging in a safe and caring environment to assist with diagnosis and management of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.

We manage continence and pelvic dysfunction in our private clinic and work closely with your GP to ensure the best outcomes for you.

The following conditions can be treated by our Women’s Health and Continence Physiotherapist Emily:

  • pelvic organ prolapse
  • urinary leakage / incontinence and bladder urgency
  • pregnancy assessments and pregnancy pain
  • post natal assessment for pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles with real time ultrasound imaging
  • treatment of episiotomy and caesarian scar tissue
  • mastitis and blocked ducts
  • painful intercourse
  • vulvodynia (vaginal pain)
  • pelvic pain including endometriosis
  • bowel dysfunction and constipation
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Get more information in the privacy of our clinic at Bicton

For more information about the range of Women’s Health and Continence services we have available, please contact Apex Physiotherapy Bicton.