Conditions: Achilles Tendon Pain

Achilles tendon pain is a common finding in runners, walkers and those participating in high impact sports. The Achilles tendon is formed by the calf muscle and inserts into the back of the heel. Pain is generally localised to an area at the back of the heel and is generally worse after periods of rest or on first waking and tends to ‘warm up’ with movement and exercise. There may be localised swelling or thickening of the tendon in long standing cases.

What causes Achilles tendon pain?

A painful Achilles tendon can be caused by issues with lower limb biomechanics when we are running or walking, reduced strength and stability of muscles around the hip and calf, stiffness of ankle, knee or foot joints, over training or increasing training loads too quickly, poor footwear or running surfaces.

Your Physiotherapist will provide a full assessment to work out exactly what is contributing to your condition and provide an individualised plan for the treatment, management and prevention of Achilles tendon pain.

What should I do if I experience Achilles tendon pain?

Come and see one of our experienced, friendly and highly trained Physiotherapists who can assess, diagnose and treat your problem before it stops you doing what you love! We can work with you to tailor a treatment and rehabilitation plan to help you achieve your goals and get back to your best. This may include manual treatment techniques including soft tissue massage, trigger point release and dry needling, joint mobilisations, supportive taping, strength, stability and flexibility exercises and a graduated training program.

Surprisingly not all tendons require rest (in fact some do worse with complete rest!) and tendons don’t actually like to be stretched- so come in and see your local Apex Physiotherapist today to ensure you are doing all the right things to get your back on your road to recovery!

Achilles pain