Conditions: Pregnancy-related Injuries

Pregnancy-related Injuries & Back Pain

As many as three quarters of women experience lower back pain while they are pregnant. Your centre of gravity shifts while you are pregnant and this can add extra, unwanted strain on your back. In addition to this the extra weight that is carried around increases the workload for your muscles and increases the stress moving through your joints.

During pregnancy your body goes through hormonal changes, these hormones are responsible for loosening your joints and increasing the laxity of the ligaments which hold your joints together. This is done to make room for the growing baby. These hormonal changes can cause you to be less stable and it may even cause pain when you walk, stand or sit for long periods of time.

Good back habits must be started in pregnancy and continued after you have given birth when bending and lifting your newborn. Physiotherapy treatment during pregnancy is designed to loosen and relax tight and sore muscles and strengthen core muscles in positions that do not put stress on you or the baby. Apex physiotherapy also offer assessment and training for your pelvic floor muscles which is vital during and after pregnancy. Clinical pilates supervised by our highly trained staff is also useful to allow you to stay fit and active during pregnancy and after the birth to re strengthen abdominal and core muscles.

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