Conditions: Neck Pain & Headaches

Physiotherapy can help your headache!

There are many different causes of headaches but one commonly overlooked reason for a headache is the “Cervicogenic headache”. This means a headache originating from structures in the neck. Have you ever been diagnosed with tension or stress headaches? migraines? sinus headaches? wondered if you need glasses for your aching eyes? but never been able to find a solution? You might have a cervicogenic headache.

Cervicogenic headache typically occurs due to damage to the joints, muscles, ligaments or nerves of the top 3 neck vertebra. The pain associated with this condition is an example of referred pain, which occurs because the nerves that supply the upper neck also supply the skin overlying the head, forehead, jaw line, eyes and ears. As a result, problems arising from the upper neck may refer pain to any of these regions causing a cervicogenic headache.

How does the neck contribute to headaches?

Some factors which may predispose patients to developing cervicogenic headaches include: poor posture, neck and back stiffness, muscle imbalances, weakness and tightness, previous neck trauma (eg. whiplash), inappropriate sleep or work position or set up and stress.

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Why choose Apex for your headache management?

Our Physiotherapist are highly trained in techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations and manipulation, dry needling, postural taping, ergonomic advice, stretching and strengthening have been shown to decrease neck stiffness and reduce those painful headaches you may have been experiencing!