Conditions: Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is aggravated by gripping activities like carrying shopping, picking up a kettle and driving. There is often elbow stiffness in the morning.

Recent in depth research has shown that it is not only a localized elbow problem that contributes to the symptoms of Tennis elbow. The radial nerve which originates in the cervical spine (the neck) sensitises in this condition which can slow the healing of the injury and worsen the short and long term prognosis. By utilising techniques to not only treat the elbow but also the radial nerve the success of our treatment will be far greater than other management options.

Your Apex physiotherapist will assess if you have any of the below factors that can contribute to developing tennis elbow;

  • muscle weakness
  • muscle tightness (neck, shoulder, arm)
  • joint tightness (wrist, elbow, neck, upper back)
  • neck or upper back injury
  • nerve injury
  • poor posture
  • poor sporting technique or inappropriate activity

Treatment techniques for tennis elbow can include:

  • joint mobilization (neck, upper back, elbow)
  • taping
  • dry needling
  • soft tissue massage
  • exercises to improve flexibility, strength and posture
  • exercises and advice on return to sport
  • technique correction

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