Sports Taping


Sports Taping

Apex Physiotherapy East Fremantle and Canning Vale offers both general and sports specific taping including:

Kinezio Taping – gives support and stability to your joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of movement. It is also used for preventative maintenance, swelling and treating pain.

McConnell’s – Specific taping and exercise regime for knee cap pain.

Not just for the professionals!

You don’t need to be Matthew Pavlich or Chris Judd to require taping when you play sports and through the principle of the “Ps” taping can help anyone.

P- Proprioception (the bodies awareness of joint position)

P- Position the joint

P- Placebo- a little placebo never hurt anyone!

For more information about the different kinds of taping that may be of benefit in treating your injury or condition please contact Apex.