Ultrasound & Electrical Therapy


Ultrasound and Electrical Therapy

Ultrasound is a non-invasive therapy in which high frequency sound waves are used to treat soft tissue injuries. The use of ultrasound allows physiotherapists to apply deep heat to injured soft tissues to break up scar tissue, reduce inflammation, ease muscle spasms, encourage healing at cellular levels and improve blood flow. Ultrasound can be of particular benefit in treating sports injuries such as contusions caused by soft tissue compression.

Sound waves are beyond the range of human hearing are described as ultrasonic. For therapeutic ultrasound, the frequency used is 0.7 to 3.3 MHz. Variations in frequency and iteration enable control of heat and depth of penetration of the sound waves.

Although we choose to build our treatment management plans around indivdualised hands on treatment there are occasions when the use of ultrasound and electrical therapy is a beneficial treatment. Using our clinical reasoning we will be able to determine when this best suits your needs.

Ultrasound is one of many effective techniques we use at Apex Physiotherapy for the treatment of injuries – we will discuss with you your condition and the most appropriate treatment at your appointment. For more information about ultrasound and electrical physio hamilton hill treatment, please contact us.